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Laulima (Lit.): Many hands working together. A guiding principle within Hawaiian culture wherein working together is essential to achieving a goal.

Laulima Systems is a woman-owned small business that strives to be a leading research and development company for the Federal Government and Department of Defense. Our success is built on solving highly technical and challenging problems by combining our detailed understanding of our customers’ needs with a clear vision for the future. We believe in putting the needs of our customer first, in being innovative, flexible, agile and efficient, and in prioritizing long term value over short term growth. We are proud of our reputation as a highly innovative, visionary company. We are honored when our customers ask us to take on their most challenging problems.


Software Design and Development
Design, development and testing of complex, multithreaded applications written in Java and C++. Design, development and testing of complex Graphical User Interfaces to configure and monitor applications. This includes both desktop Java applications as well as IOS and Android applications.
Systems Engineering
Development of system requirements based on customer and functional needs. Performance of trade-off analysis to evaluate and recommend technical solutions. System test planning and execution to evaluate overall system performance against defined requirements. Evaluation and documentation of all test results and performance analysis.
Embedded Systems Design and Development
End-to-end design and development of custom embedded systems. Extensive experience with developing FPGA-based solutions, including SoC-based designs. Complementary hardware development capability to fabricate custom PCBs and assemblies.


The many hands of Laulima Systems are made up of a carefully chosen and talented group of engineers possessing complimentary skill sets, making Laulima Systems a well coordinated team with capabilities that are both broad and deep.

Shannon Wigent
Shannon Wigent, President

Shannon founded Laulima Systems in 2011 and serves as President of the company. For over 30 years, she has developed advanced hardware and software solutions to enable the United States to maintain its technological superiority at air and naval test facilities. Shannon provides technical expertise in the Test & Evaluation domain specializing in modeling and simulation and spectrum efficient technologies. As Laulima Systems’ founder, Shannon has had one major idea in mind for the company, which is to build a focused team of exceptional people that develop and field cutting edge communications and frequency spectrum technologies that surpass the state of the art. This focus is a core element of the culture and success of Laulima Systems. She remains excited to lead Laulima Systems as it grows and broadens its technical expertise. Shannon earned a B.S. in Systems Engineering and an M.S. in Systems Engineering, both from the University of Virginia.

Mark Wigent
Mark Wigent, Vice President

Mark joined Laulima Systems in 2013 after working as a defense contractor since 1992. Mark has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in electromagnetics and an M.S. in Systems Engineering, both from the University of Virginia. Mark’s work experience has spanned algorithm development, modeling and simulation of communications systems and networks, and development of new systems and capabilities for DoD test and training communities, with a focus on interoperability and spectrum efficient technologies. Mark brings strong technical leadership, a broad understanding of how to apply the underlying technologies to solve problems for our customers.

Carl Reinwald
Carl Reinwald, Principal Hardware Systems Engineer

Carl started working for Laulima Systems in 2016 after working as a telemetry systems developer for 30 years. Carl has a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Computer Engineering from the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. Carl has extensive test range telemetry systems experience and is one-part hardware engineer, one-part firmware designer, one-part software programmer, one-part systems engineer; enough parts?

Joe Sulewski
Joe Sulewski, Principal Software Engineer

Joe joined Laulima Systems in 2019 and has 25 years' experience developing applications for various industries. Since 2007, Joe has worked as a defense contractor supporting the flight test range environment with a focus on telemetry data. Joe has extensive software engineering experience across many different industries and has a B.S. in Computer Science from Albright College. Joe brings strong technical leadership and a broad understanding of software design.

Jon Morgan
Jon Morgan, Principal Embedded Systems Engineer

Jon joined Laulima Systems in 2021 after a long 33 year career as a Telemetry Systems Architect at the Air Force Test Center. Jon has a B.S. in Computer Science from the California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California. Jon has vast experience in operating system programming and telemetry processing system design and development. For 17 years Jon was a member of the Range Commander's Council where he wrote and maintained telemetry standards including the Chapter 7 Packet Telemetry Downlink Standard.

Catherine Mitchell
Catherine Mitchell, Senior Signal Processing Engineer

Cathy has over 34 years of signal processing, simulation, and data analysis experience and joined Laulima Systems in 2019. She has a B.A. in Mathematics from the California State University, Fullerton, and a M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Engineer’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California. Cathy developed and implemented algorithms that reside in several of today’s active US DoD radar systems, and was the principal architect and developer of a radar data analysis program that is used by one of the nation’s intelligence center.


Laulima Systems was founded in Kalaheo, Hawaii on the island of Kauai in 2011.

Laulima Systems was forged out of a desire to create a company in which technical expertise and innovation are highly valued and in which the needs of customers and staff are key priorities. These core principles have been the foundation of our success, and the culture that they create has been our single greatest staff recruiting and retention tool. Our company’s passion is using innovation to solve challenging technical problems for our customers. Our greatest assets are our employees, and hiring the best technical people is our highest priority.

We started with two employees in 2011, and we have strategically grown to fifteen employees in 2020. Our technical focus has continued to be on DoD customers with specific emphasis on technology development for the Test & Training communities. Much of our work has been centered on development of airborne and ground communications and data processing technologies which enable more efficient use of spectrum by the DoD, enhance DoD spectrum management spectrum sharing capabilities, and improve real-time test mission effectiveness. Laulima Systems is a member of the National Spectrum Consortium and has primed three large projects for the NSC. Laulima Systems also supports the range community directly with transition of new technologies into T&E infrastructure.

Our future growth strategy lies in continuing to develop technology for the DoD T&E community while expanding support for the training and operational domains.


Software Engineers
We are looking for all levels of motivated software engineers. A B.S. or higher in Computer Science is required, and we are also interested in experience with visualization and mathematical analysis.
Systems Engineers
We are looking for entry to mid-level systems engineers. A B.S. or higher in an engineering or computer science discipline is required and strong communication skills are critical.
Communications and Radio Frequency (RF) Engineer
B.S. or higher in electrical engineering is required and experience in RF and communications systems engineering, software defined radio, and signal processing.


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